FYI: ⅓ of an Egg is still Egg

95% of the people in my life (family & friends) understand the whole “Vegan Concept”. The other 5% mainly consist of my elders and they don’t fully understand why I would want to give up ‘meat’.

First, I haven’t just given up meat … I don’t eat any animal products (examples: milk, cheese, eggs, etc.)

And it’s ok that some don’t get it – it’s not them who are eating this way, it’s me!

Second, just because there may only be “1 egg used in 3 pie crusts” that still means IT CONTAINS EGG hehe … so no, I won’t be eating the pie. But thank you anyways.

If you invite me for dinner, please expect me to A.) ask, in detail, what will be for dinner … including ingredients in the dishes – just to be certain; or B.) bring my own food. Oh and C.) don’t be offended if I offer to or bring my own food.

As for the title of this post, I received a hand-woven pine needle basket from my Grandma this year for Christmas and inside was a nice mixture of chocolate-coated and non-coated nuts. As I opened the gift, I inquired “is this milk chocolate?” and she replied something like “I’m not sure”. Luckily, I’ve learned to visually decipher between milk & dark chocolate … and yes, they are milk chocolate covered. At least I’ll have snacky food for my guests or can bring with me to another party!

Choosing to become a vegan happened in a matter of a couple of weeks. I watched some documentaries, read some books and decided to cut out animal products beginning January 1, 2013.  There was no “transition” period where I went from eating all regular animal products to become a vegetarian then a vegan – I just did it cold “turkey” LOL! I even threw out (or gave to my parents) foods that I had which contained animal products.

And it’s true, I do miss some animal dishes … a juicy chicken breast barbecued with a fresh slice of pineapple, a nice rack of fall-off-the-bone ribs or my Mom’s Eggs Benedict. But you know what? For the first time in about 17 years, the only prescription I take is birth control. No more meds for high blood pressure. No more meds for depression or anxiety. I manage it all naturally with natures medicine!

Why did I decide to become a vegan – honestly, my health. I had no idea what changes would actually occur, even after watching the documentaries and seeing the changes in the subjects. But since seeing and LIVING my changes, I can’t fathom not being a vegan. I can only chalk up my health changes to my new food lifestyle because fitness hasn’t changed for me – YET!


3 thoughts on “FYI: ⅓ of an Egg is still Egg

  1. Poppy says:

    On your visual chocolate checking – just beware that dark chocolate often contains milk too!

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