Take a Hike!


After I arrived at Grandpa’s on Christmas morning and the presents had all been opened, Mom, Wayne and I set out for a hike. There’s this mountain up above where Grandpa lives that we’ve hiked to before.

We walked down the neighbourhood and found the first set of stairs … icy stairs! But up we climbed to the next level.

We then cross the street to the second set of (icy) stairs and up we went.

Finally we’re in the upper subdivision and came to realize that a TON of construction and living had occurred since the last time we hiked up there! The houses went on and on and on! We could not find the access point to hike the mountain.

So we kept walking and came to a large driveway … we all felt that it appeared to go far enough up to take us to a spot where we could gain access to the mountain. So up we hiked …

All the way to a locked gate. So we found a way up and around the locked gate and POOF! We’re on the mountain! We continued to hike up to the top and what an amazing view we had (picture above)!

As we were hanging out up top we saw a couple of Does come around but absolutely not bothered by us.

Now for us to make our way down … Wayne decided to be adventurous. We hiked and hiked and came to the fence we saw earlier encompassing the mountain (to keep us out!)

Along the fence we hiked and came to an actual access point! And the access point took us to the neighbourhood where we couldn’t find an access point! We simply overlooked it on our way up!

The whole walk/hike/adventure took us an hour and it was a great day. The weather was nice but the wind was starting to pick up.

When we got back to Grandpa’s the snow started and it did NOT stop! It was blizzard-like outside! It dumped a couple of inches by the time dinner was over and guest were leaving.


This is a selfie with my parents in the background, taken at the top of the mountain – pretty awesome, if you ask me!!!




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