No Time Like The Present

I’ve read on more than one occasion that you shouldn’t wait until a specific day to start a change in your life (example: don’t wait until January 1st).

That said, tomorrow will be my Day 1 of 2014!

I have always done things in weeks … and my week begins on Sunday. So why not start tomorrow instead of waiting until Wednesday!

I’m about to head out to Superstore to pick up my groceries (this has been a Saturday morning “tradition” of mine for a long while now).

I started juicing mid-January 2013 and noticed serious changes to my body, health, mind, etc. And while it was great, I neglected juicing for probably the past 3 months or longer. But I do want to get back at it because I will have amazing energy, clear skin and a positive attitude!

So the groceries set to be purchased today include 7 days worth of vegetables & fruit for the week’s juices. I’ll juice for breakfast and then have substance food for lunch and dinner. I am also going to grab the necessary canned ingredients for Rustic Ragout because it’s a delicious meal and I could eat it until I look like a bean!

Wishing you all a Happy Saturday and I’m getting set for a very successful week ahead!

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