Sunday Funday!

So I previously mentioned that Sunday is the day I consider Day 1 of each new week. To start my week off right, I stocked my fridge full of fresh fruit and vegetables yesterday and left my house for a trip to the gym today.

I was able to get my favourite bike and did a solid 45 minutes. I find it amusing that people who sell cardio equipment and people who work at the gym seem to believe the heart rate monitor and calorie counter to be accurate.

I bought my own heart rate monitor last year to ensure I was keeping my newly-lowered blood pressure in check. While I have worn the HR monitor previously to determine how many calories my body uses in a normal day, I wore it today to verify how many calories I burned during my cardio session.

The bike indicated my HR to be around 135 – 155 and my monitor also indicated the same. However, the calories indicated as spent per the bike was 283 and my monitor clearly showed 534 calories. Very interesting! 250 more calories were burned than the equipment indicated.

Obviously I chalk this up to my monitor being programmed for my stats (sex, age, etc.). Either way – I fully believe my monitor over the equipment.

And today the gym was really warm! I was sweating within about 10 minutes whereas I used to sweat only nearer to the end of my sessions!



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