Hot Tub Relaxation

After going to the gym yesterday, I was really quite pumped to go after work today.

Now normally, I get my gear together and haul it to work with me. Then work the day away and cave after work … and just go home.

But NOT today! I went to the gym and did my cardio. And one thing that really helped push me to go tonight was knowing that I remembered to pack my swim suit and towel so that I could enjoy the hot tub after my cardio.

So my cardio was done and I felt great for doing it … and the hot tub was fantastic!

The pool & hot tub of my gym is also that of the hotel in which my gym is situated. That means sometimes the pool and hot tub have kids, etc. playing. Luckily that was not the case tonight – I had it all to myself!

It was wonderful and only 10 – 15 minutes was needed. I was relaxed and ready to head home for the night …

Darn that reminds me – my wet suit is in my bag … gotta go throw it in the dryer!


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