Headache Hater

Yes, I’m a hater … a hater of headaches!

I used to get headaches and migraines SO often before becoming a vegan. However since making this healthy lifestyle change, I’ve had a handful of headaches … rather than a bucket full!

I used to go through a TON of Tylenol Ultra Strength Migraine Relief … but in the past year I’ve only purchased maybe one bottle.

Today I woke up with a bit of a headache. I’ve been trying to avoid taking any drugs for headaches and rather drinking water, lowering the lights, etc.

I went to work and finished the day with a headache larger than when I started the day.

So unfortunately I opted against going to the gym and instead came straight home. I showered, washed my hair and got into some comfy pajamas. It’s been a restful evening thus far …

But my headache is still lingering.

I haven’t taken any drugs for it … just drinking water to try to make it disperse.

I’m really hoping that a good night’s sleep will do my pain justice and make it GO AWAY … there are a couple of people sick at work, and instead of staying home and keeping their germs away from us, they have come to work.

I’m hoping this headache isn’t foreshadowing of my getting sick. Especially since the newest strain of H1N1 has taken 11 lives (10 in Alberta and 1 in the Okanagan – where I live).

No flu for this chicky – heck no … I’ve got too much on the line.

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