Listen Here, You Stubborn Son Of A …

Hot relaxing shower + lots of water consumed + 8 ½ hours dedicated sleep time = still lingering headache!


I couldn’t find a sleeping position to make my head stop aching (my neck, really) … normally with this type of headache, I will find a spot laying on my back with my head directly between my two pillows so that my neck is straight and not tilted up or down … and that normally works.

Not this time!!!

Finally around 5 am I was able to make one of my pillows fit into the crook of my neck and it felt better … for an hour until my alarm went off.

Great – time to get up. That’s ok … I did what I could to avoid taking any Tylenol. But the time has come. Down the hatch went some pretty red pills.

And like always, around 30 minutes later, headache is gone (or masked enough that I don’t notice it). Guess I’m going to finish getting ready for work and get on with my life!

Happy Wednesday!!!


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