Housework, Netflix and Mental Stability

It’s been a restful weekend for me. I’ve ventured out to get groceries on Saturday … and “ventured” out to take out the garbage and recycling on Sunday. Otherwise I’ve cleaned the condo, did laundry and watched Netflix. It has not been a weekend of exercise, however. That’s ok because the original plan was to workout during the week anyways.

I had planned on making some recipes this weekend but I’ve been so lazy that I’ve only made Stuffed Manicotti. The recipe made enough for 3 small meals, so I had dinner tonight and will put the other 2 servings into containers for lunch and/or dinner this week.

I am also going to seed a few pomegranates as I’ve been slightly addicted to them and can eat the seeds of a pomegranate every day – easily! Since it takes a little time to seed a pomegranate, I plan on seeding 3 or 4 at one time so that I can save that time during my morning routine.

My mental state is much better today that it was Thursday and Friday. I am looking forward to work tomorrow even though my “office” is starting to get boxed in … literally with boxes! I just need to focus and get this file off my desk – that will make me feel awesome! Especially since I’ve had it at my desk since probably May 2013!

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