Breaking a Challenge

Today was work and a planned visit to the doctor. I am due for my Depo shot and it’s a great time to see my doctor because of the anxiety attacks I’ve been having … including today.

Seriously I am SICK of having anxiety attacks!!!

My doctor thinks I have S.A.D. I’ve been off my anti-depressants for 7 months now and wondered if my anxiety attacks were because my body was finally rid of the medication … he didn’t say yes or no.

I used to take Welbutrin at 300 mg per day. He has suggested I go back on at 150 mg per day at least until the weather picks up and gets happier. While I do have the prescription, I haven’t fully decided if I’ll actually fill it yet. I like having no added drugs/hormones in my body!

He did suggest, the obvious, exercise. I know I need to hit the gym more often … it really DOES do a body good!

Now to my “Breaking a Challenge” title.

One of my challenges for January 2014 was to abstain from alcohol.

Now, I’m not an alcoholic by any means … but tonight just felt like I’d waited long enough. I’ve been to the breaking point of “OMG I NEED A DRINK” to calm myself so many times over the past 2 weeks. But I’ve abstained.

Until tonight. I bought a 6-pack of Kokanee and boy, let me tell you – it tastes DELICIOUS!!!

Some friends and I are planning on going to a local venue to check out a band, Malibu Knights, this Friday night. It’ll be something new for us and I’m very excited to get out of the house!


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