Small Steps

Can you believe it? I know I can’t believe it. But some how it is still true.

There are only 6 days left in the month of January!

Recap of my January 2014 Challenges:

  1. Take the stairs at my condo
    • Yeah … this fell to the side extremely fast …
  2. No added sugar/candy
    • I broke this challenge this week … and I’m back to believing “everything in moderation”
  3. No alcohol
    • I also broke this challenge this week … again “everything in moderation”
  4. Maximum 4 take-out meals
    • I think I actually managed to keep this challenge!

So on to February we move …

The days are getting longer. Hopefully the days will start to get warmer too! My work days will start to get longer … right now I work 7 ½ hour days and we move up to 8 hour days in February. But since I work in accounting, an 8 hour day is a short day! I normally work an average of 500 hours total in March & April, so we’ll see if February will show regular days or longer days.

February 2014 Challenges

  • Drink 4 bottle of water daily (my water bottle holds just shy of 3 cups)
  • Juice 1 meal per day
  • Hit the gym for cardio 3 days per week
  • Hit the gym for strength 2 days per week
  • Lose 4 pounds (starting weight to be determined on January 31st)

Instead of writing down all my challenges on my calendar and “cluttering” up the space, I’ll wait until the end of each day and simply mark:

  • W = 1 bottle of water consumed
  • J = 1 meal of juice
  • C## = cardio & time completed
  • S = strength completed

As for the weight aspect, I’ll make that note on February 28th.


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