Redefine “Lazy”

I’ve had a rough week health-wise. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not dying or facing anything major … but I don’t really get sick.

Monday at lunch I felt the blood drain from my head and was instantly nauseous … I was freezing then boiling. So I asked to go home early.

The afternoon was up and down. My insides were NOT happy and it stayed with me the next morning. I ended up calling in sick (easier to stay home when you may need to run to the bathroom without a moment’s notice).

Wednesday was better – except for a bit of a headache. Thursday was headachy again – felt like my brain was rattling inside my head.

Friday I woke up feeling like I had little razor blades in my throat – but by day’s end, I felt better.

Today is Saturday. I woke up again with tiny razors in my throat and took the morning to just lounge around. I had previously decided that I’ve got so much work to do at the office that going in was a definite must.

I went in around 12:00 and worked for a good 5 hours. I was chatting with one of my bosses before heading home and mentioned how I was “lazy” because I didn’t come in until noon.

He said something that really struck a (good) chord with me. He said “you’re here on a Saturday – that is not lazy”.

Yeah – you’re right! I’m NOT lazy … when it comes to my work, at least! Hehe

My health, on the other hand … yeah, I’m lazy. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about what we consider lazy in life.

I spent the morning watching a movie in bed, watching some olympic activities online and on tv and just taking my time. Normally my Saturday morning involves going for groceries, but given that we have a holiday on Monday, I decided to postpone getting groceries until Monday.

I can work today (5 hours put in) and I’ll work tomorrow, too. I am going to try and go in early(er) tomorrow … maybe by 9 am or something. It’s nice when there is no one else in the office and I can just focus on the task at hand.


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