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Adventures of a Home Owner

While doing my DIY laundry room revamp, my hot water tank decided to stop being a hot water tank and only being a water tank.

I went to Rona on Tuesday after work and picked up new elements and a hose to drain the tank. Cost approximately $60

I drained the tank, replaced both elements, refilled the tank and turned it on. After an hour it was still cold, so I gave it over night.

The next morning it was still cold :o(

Ok – call a plumber … actually, I called about 15 plumbers before I found someone that could come that day!

7:30 pm on Wednesday the plumber arrived. And after 2 ½ hours we were still no where. He suggested it could be the thermostats … it could be the wiring … it could be the whole tank! My current cost for the plumber was $200

He quoted me about $300 to replace the thermostats … and $1,200 to replace the tank. An electrician … not sure how much that would cost!

So this morning I called an electrician and explained what had been done and tested. He suggested it could be the thermostats … well, I don’t want to spend $300!!! He said it would cost me $75 for him to come out and check the wiring (better than $300!)

In the meantime, I decided to Google DIY HWT thermostat replacement and turns out it seemed pretty darn simple!

I got Mom’s car and hit Rona after work. Picked up my 2 thermostats and a chirper to ensure I don’t electrocute myself. Cost was $75

Come home and in a matter of 5 minutes – literally – I had the thermostats changed. So I turned it all back on and headed to Mom’s for a shower (it has been a couple of days!) and dinner.

I was gone an hour and figured I would wait another hour to allow it to fully heat – hopefully!!!

Then a thought occurred! I didn’t check if the trip switch was on or off … so let’s go push it. Luckily, it was where it should be … so just for kicks, I felt the “hot” pipe to see if it was warm (as it’s been cold for 4 days!) … and it was HOT!!!

Run to the kitchen and turn on the hot water tap … give it a few moments and put my hand in … AAAAAHHHHHHHH (sound of halo appearing!)


So I ended up spending $335 (which was $200 more than I really needed to spend) but I really did all the work myself and it was fixed!!!


DIY Long Weekend

The weather this weekend was supposed to be warm (18 – 20 degrees) but cloudy and most likely rainy.

Luckily, it turned out to be anything but! It was around the temperature expected, but the clouds stayed at bay and the rain didn’t come at all!

I had planned some adventures and some DIY stuff.

I ventured to the Kangaroo Creek Farm in Winfield to check out the kangaroos and lil’ joeys on Saturday. And on Sunday I planned to check out Andy’s Animal Acres in Naramata to see their farm animals.

Both days were great!

I also found time to put together a paint idea for my laundry room. I used a pillow case as my colour inspiration and went out first thing Sunday morning to get paint and supplies. After my outings that day, I started my DIY paint project!



I decided to do one striped wall and three solid walls in my laundry room. So with my new level and pencil in hand, off I went marking out my lines.

Once I started taping the lines, I realized I messed up and my lines, although straight, were not even. So I opted for a random-sized striped wall instead!


I painted the first round (2 coats) of stripes on Sunday and peeled off the tape. This was the end of Day 1:


Not to bad progress, if I do say so myself!

Monday, being a holiday, meant I could continue my project. I commenced the second round of taping so that I could paint the non-painted lines. As totally not planned, as I went to start my last strip of tape, I ran out! So I had to venture to the dollar store and grab more.

Home I came, finished taping and got to painting!

I ended up painting the wall to the right in the tan colour and the wall to the left in the blue colour. I’ll paint the opposing wall in plain white – but that will have to wait until next weekend.

I was cleaning my brushes mid-paint for a colour change and realized my water wasn’t getting hot. I called my step-dad to inquire and he came over for a look.

Turns out BOTH my hot water tank elements are shot! So now I either have to hire a plumber (probably $200+) or find the time to get to Rona and buy parts, plus change the elements myself! The issue with the latter is that I don’t own a vehicle – so any outings are usually kept to weekends!

So … no hot water for 5 days (bbbrrrrrr!)  or fork over some cash … kind of a n0-brainer to me! But I’ll see. Luckily work has a shower room and I can do that in the morning!

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City Loop

I work this this one girl that is very fitness-minded. She goes to the gym almost daily, even if just for a small workout. One day I will be that girl.

She mentioned the other day that she had run the “city loop”. The city loop (around Penticton) is 18 km and it took her right around 2 hours.

Now, I’m not a runner … this body does NOT run! LOL but I thought that I should be able to walk it. I normally walk a 10 ½ minute kilometer so it should take me just over 3 hours.

Bring on the crazy woman … I decided since it was supposed to be nice out today that I would do the city loop. Armed with my heart rate monitor and “map my workout” app, I headed out at 10 am.

I walked down along Okanagan Lake and past some sort of race that was happening.

I have been dealing with shin splint-like pains recently and they did hurt again today – but I was nice and warmed up around km # 3.

Along the way I encountered some “wild” life. Now … I’m a city girl and am always concerned that I’ll see a bear or deer while I’m out walking … and didn’t expect to see these guys:


I want to say they are llamas, but I guess they could be alpacas, too! They were on the outside of the fence, but as you can tell by this picture – they found a low spot in the fence and off they went.

This was around km # 5

It was honestly such a beautiful day for this walk – and I was feeling good.

I neared the end of the Penticton Channel which my “map my workout” app informed me was km # 9!

YES!!! Half way! Now there was no point in turning around because it would be the same either way! Haha

I walked down along Skaha Beach and then up South Main Street. At the end of South Main I had a choice: take Main Street or go up a relative large hill and take Government Street. I opted for the latter and the up hill portion was a nice stretch to my calves.

Finally I walked down Government Street and crossed over Penticton Creek onto my street and my condo was in sight! By this time I could really feel a blister under my right big town and my hip flexors were SCREAMING at me!

Upon arrival at my condo, I opted for the elevator to raise me to my 3rd floor … there was NO way I could go up 2 flights of stairs!

I took off my shoes and socks and plopped myself down on the chair that I put on my (enclosed) patio yesterday. I pulled up a beach chair so that my feet would be up. Aaaahhhhh!

I made it! 17.96 km in 3 hours 1 minute.


Now, just to keep off my feet for the rest of the afternoon because my mom wants to go for a walk later! Might have to bail on that one … will see how Mr. Blister is doing!



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Green Therapy

I love green therapy and it happens DAILY in my house!

Green therapy, to me, is the time spent with your plants.

Yes – I’m “crazy” and I talk to my plants. I look at their new growth and compliment them on it. If they look sad (wilted), I talk to and water them.

Today I went to the Farmers Market and bought some dill, parsley (2 kinds), chives, basil and rosemary. I met a friend there and she had brought me some sage, thyme and oregano from her garden. Plus a few days ago I was able to take some clippings of 3 types of mint from a house down the road.

So my green therapy today consisted of making my herb containers (and a little research to determine what herbs will grow well together). I also transplanted my tomatoes plants that I started from seed. Some are looking quite sad … and I might need to buy some pre-grown plants at the market next weekend if they don’t take this week!




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Super Juice Me – Day 5

Ok – I made it 4 days … LOL

Yesterday I had the most insane craving for hummus & pita … and it was still with me around lunch today. So I allowed myself some hummus & pita at The Cubbyhole here in Penticton.

I’ve only had 2 juices today instead of my planned 6! That’s ok – I’m not beating myself up one bit.

For dinner I decided to boil up some mini shells, heat up some vegan sausage and put it together with some delicious garlic & herb tomato sauce and vegan parm cheese. It was exactly what I wanted and needed … plus the weather is getting cooler by the minute (and the wind! Holy crap is it windy here!) … it was a warm-dinner kind of evening.

I did really well last year when I first started juicing … I was juicing 2 meals and eating 1 per day. I will aim for that as the crave to chew food (it’s normal, right!?) was really intense!

I’m really excited for my movie & popcorn dinner tomorrow! The movie starts at 5:10 pm (early!) and I’m off work at 5:00 pm … so I got permission to leave 15 minutes early – yeah early-off-Friday! The thing I like about the early movie is that I’ll be home early enough to still chill and relax!

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Super Juice Me – Day 4

No chocolate today! LOL

I did have a Vega bar and I think that’s not too shabby!

I have 1 more juice left and it’s a gooder!

I went for a walk at lunch … 4.07 KM

After work, I walked to Quality Greens Market to pick up some more fruit for my juices. Once my backpack was loaded up (holy hannah was it heavy!) I walked home … a total of 4.5 KM

That’s about it.

I’ve been monitoring my weight and there has been some change … I’m down 5 pounds already! However, I am going to see a movie on Friday and I will absolutely have popcorn for dinner!

My energy is good throughout the day and I’ve been sleeping good, too.

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Super Juice Me – Day 3

Day 3

My order of Vega bars arrived today … not the best timing when doing an all-juice challenge!

Also, a co-worker’s grandma sent her German chocolate … again! She sends her about 20 bars every couple of months and I absolutely indulged today! All-juice what!?

I drank 3 juices during the work day but wasn’t super hungry for the rest because of the darn chocolate! LOL

I drank 2 juices upon coming home after work. Then I wanted to try a Vega bar.

Finally, I drank the 6th and last juice.

At lunch today I went for a walk. I ended up doing 4.47 km in 48 minutes. It felt amazing! The weather was perfect and I was a wee bit sweaty afterwards!

At home I did some leg exercises (with a band) and some arm exercises, too.

Day 4 coming up!!!

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Super Juice Me – Day 2

Day 2

6 juices prepped yesterday.

People at work think I’m insane for trying to do just juice for a week (minimum). They are all like “I could NEVER do that!” … well, you actually could do it! Believe in yourself!

First juice consumed at 7 am. Second consumed around 9:30 am. Third consumed around 11:45 am.

At lunch I walked along the beach front and it took about 40 minutes, round trip!

Fourth juice consumed around 2 pm. Fifth consumed around 4:15 pm. Sixth consumed about 6:00 pm.

I was hungry by each juice and still hungry after the sixth juice so I made a small wrap.

I went for a small walk this evening and stopped by this house I passed on the weekend because they had 3 or 4 types of mint growing near the sidewalk … and I wanted mint! I knocked on the door to ensure it was ok that I “stole” some mint and the guy was nice enough to come out and tell me what kinds where growing! So now I’ve got 3 types of mint rooting :o)

My sleep last night was good – pretty solid. I had my alarm set for 6:00 am but reset it to 6:30 am since I don’t need to make any breakfast!

I’m noticing that my face and chest are breaking out a bit already – amazing how our bodies react to real food!

Tonight I made my 6 juices for tomorrow. Hopefully my stomach will get used to the juices soon so that I’m not hungry after drinking them all!

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Super Juice Me – Day 1 Part 2

I made it until around 2 pm with only juice but had such a craving to CHEW some food! So I opted for a small portion of grapes.

Unfortunately, once the chewing began, the crave kept coming back! I ended up having a homemade cheese & olive quesadilla with some sour cream. And about 10 minutes after eating it, I developed a bit of a headache.

Now, whether that was my mind playing games on me or really my body knowing I just ate some not-as-healthy foods, I cannot be sure.

But I decided on drinking my Pineapple Broccoli Ginger juice for dinner. I don’t think I’ll be having a snack juice tonight, though.

I am going to prep tomorrow’s juices tonight. I will make at least 4 juices … but might prep all 6 if I can get it done! Then tomorrow night I can prep for the next night!

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Super Juice Me – Day 1

Today is Day 1 of my Super Juice Me challenge. The ultimate challenge is to last 28 days … but I will take it 1 – 7 days at a time, since I do my grocery shopping once a week.

My starting weight is 228.6 lbs (bleh!)

I had a decent sleep last night. I ended up pulling the comforter off the bed as it’s been staying relatively warm at night. I have kept on the sheets (cotton), quilt and afghan. I kept my ceiling fan on low speed, too. I did wake up around 1 to use the bathroom and then fully awake at 6:30.

I opted to stay in bed and watch some shows on my computer. I got out of bed around 8:30 – aahh, the joy of Sunday mornings! Plus, it was POURING rain and just felt like a “stay in bed” kind of morning!

I have decided to use some recipes from the Super Juice Me site. The amount of juice produced, using my masticating juicer, is about 530 mL (about the amount of a Pure Leaf tea container). I’ve decided to use a couple empty containers that I have, as they have lids and can be topped right up and sealed so that no air gets to the juice.

I think I’ll need about 6 juices for the day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack) … so I’ll ponder making a few more juices this morning so that I’m all set.

I have, so far, made “Broccoli, Pineapple, Ginger” and “Turbo Charge with Avocado”.

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