Super Juice Me – Day 2

Day 2

6 juices prepped yesterday.

People at work think I’m insane for trying to do just juice for a week (minimum). They are all like “I could NEVER do that!” … well, you actually could do it! Believe in yourself!

First juice consumed at 7 am. Second consumed around 9:30 am. Third consumed around 11:45 am.

At lunch I walked along the beach front and it took about 40 minutes, round trip!

Fourth juice consumed around 2 pm. Fifth consumed around 4:15 pm. Sixth consumed about 6:00 pm.

I was hungry by each juice and still hungry after the sixth juice so I made a small wrap.

I went for a small walk this evening and stopped by this house I passed on the weekend because they had 3 or 4 types of mint growing near the sidewalk … and I wanted mint! I knocked on the door to ensure it was ok that I “stole” some mint and the guy was nice enough to come out and tell me what kinds where growing! So now I’ve got 3 types of mint rooting :o)

My sleep last night was good – pretty solid. I had my alarm set for 6:00 am but reset it to 6:30 am since I don’t need to make any breakfast!

I’m noticing that my face and chest are breaking out a bit already – amazing how our bodies react to real food!

Tonight I made my 6 juices for tomorrow. Hopefully my stomach will get used to the juices soon so that I’m not hungry after drinking them all!

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