Super Juice Me – Day 5

Ok – I made it 4 days … LOL

Yesterday I had the most insane craving for hummus & pita … and it was still with me around lunch today. So I allowed myself some hummus & pita at The Cubbyhole here in Penticton.

I’ve only had 2 juices today instead of my planned 6! That’s ok – I’m not beating myself up one bit.

For dinner I decided to boil up some mini shells, heat up some vegan sausage and put it together with some delicious garlic & herb tomato sauce and vegan parm cheese. It was exactly what I wanted and needed … plus the weather is getting cooler by the minute (and the wind! Holy crap is it windy here!) … it was a warm-dinner kind of evening.

I did really well last year when I first started juicing … I was juicing 2 meals and eating 1 per day. I will aim for that as the crave to chew food (it’s normal, right!?) was really intense!

I’m really excited for my movie & popcorn dinner tomorrow! The movie starts at 5:10 pm (early!) and I’m off work at 5:00 pm … so I got permission to leave 15 minutes early – yeah early-off-Friday! The thing I like about the early movie is that I’ll be home early enough to still chill and relax!

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