Green Therapy

I love green therapy and it happens DAILY in my house!

Green therapy, to me, is the time spent with your plants.

Yes – I’m “crazy” and I talk to my plants. I look at their new growth and compliment them on it. If they look sad (wilted), I talk to and water them.

Today I went to the Farmers Market and bought some dill, parsley (2 kinds), chives, basil and rosemary. I met a friend there and she had brought me some sage, thyme and oregano from her garden. Plus a few days ago I was able to take some clippings of 3 types of mint from a house down the road.

So my green therapy today consisted of making my herb containers (and a little research to determine what herbs will grow well together). I also transplanted my tomatoes plants that I started from seed. Some are looking quite sad … and I might need to buy some pre-grown plants at the market next weekend if they don’t take this week!




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