City Loop

I work this this one girl that is very fitness-minded. She goes to the gym almost daily, even if just for a small workout. One day I will be that girl.

She mentioned the other day that she had run the “city loop”. The city loop (around Penticton) is 18 km and it took her right around 2 hours.

Now, I’m not a runner … this body does NOT run! LOL but I thought that I should be able to walk it. I normally walk a 10 ½ minute kilometer so it should take me just over 3 hours.

Bring on the crazy woman … I decided since it was supposed to be nice out today that I would do the city loop. Armed with my heart rate monitor and “map my workout” app, I headed out at 10 am.

I walked down along Okanagan Lake and past some sort of race that was happening.

I have been dealing with shin splint-like pains recently and they did hurt again today – but I was nice and warmed up around km # 3.

Along the way I encountered some “wild” life. Now … I’m a city girl and am always concerned that I’ll see a bear or deer while I’m out walking … and didn’t expect to see these guys:


I want to say they are llamas, but I guess they could be alpacas, too! They were on the outside of the fence, but as you can tell by this picture – they found a low spot in the fence and off they went.

This was around km # 5

It was honestly such a beautiful day for this walk – and I was feeling good.

I neared the end of the Penticton Channel which my “map my workout” app informed me was km # 9!

YES!!! Half way! Now there was no point in turning around because it would be the same either way! Haha

I walked down along Skaha Beach and then up South Main Street. At the end of South Main I had a choice: take Main Street or go up a relative large hill and take Government Street. I opted for the latter and the up hill portion was a nice stretch to my calves.

Finally I walked down Government Street and crossed over Penticton Creek onto my street and my condo was in sight! By this time I could really feel a blister under my right big town and my hip flexors were SCREAMING at me!

Upon arrival at my condo, I opted for the elevator to raise me to my 3rd floor … there was NO way I could go up 2 flights of stairs!

I took off my shoes and socks and plopped myself down on the chair that I put on my (enclosed) patio yesterday. I pulled up a beach chair so that my feet would be up. Aaaahhhhh!

I made it! 17.96 km in 3 hours 1 minute.


Now, just to keep off my feet for the rest of the afternoon because my mom wants to go for a walk later! Might have to bail on that one … will see how Mr. Blister is doing!



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