DIY Long Weekend

The weather this weekend was supposed to be warm (18 – 20 degrees) but cloudy and most likely rainy.

Luckily, it turned out to be anything but! It was around the temperature expected, but the clouds stayed at bay and the rain didn’t come at all!

I had planned some adventures and some DIY stuff.

I ventured to the Kangaroo Creek Farm in Winfield to check out the kangaroos and lil’ joeys on Saturday. And on Sunday I planned to check out Andy’s Animal Acres in Naramata to see their farm animals.

Both days were great!

I also found time to put together a paint idea for my laundry room. I used a pillow case as my colour inspiration and went out first thing Sunday morning to get paint and supplies. After my outings that day, I started my DIY paint project!



I decided to do one striped wall and three solid walls in my laundry room. So with my new level and pencil in hand, off I went marking out my lines.

Once I started taping the lines, I realized I messed up and my lines, although straight, were not even. So I opted for a random-sized striped wall instead!


I painted the first round (2 coats) of stripes on Sunday and peeled off the tape. This was the end of Day 1:


Not to bad progress, if I do say so myself!

Monday, being a holiday, meant I could continue my project. I commenced the second round of taping so that I could paint the non-painted lines. As totally not planned, as I went to start my last strip of tape, I ran out! So I had to venture to the dollar store and grab more.

Home I came, finished taping and got to painting!

I ended up painting the wall to the right in the tan colour and the wall to the left in the blue colour. I’ll paint the opposing wall in plain white – but that will have to wait until next weekend.

I was cleaning my brushes mid-paint for a colour change and realized my water wasn’t getting hot. I called my step-dad to inquire and he came over for a look.

Turns out BOTH my hot water tank elements are shot! So now I either have to hire a plumber (probably $200+) or find the time to get to Rona and buy parts, plus change the elements myself! The issue with the latter is that I don’t own a vehicle – so any outings are usually kept to weekends!

So … no hot water for 5 days (bbbrrrrrr!)  or fork over some cash … kind of a n0-brainer to me! But I’ll see. Luckily work has a shower room and I can do that in the morning!

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