Adventures of a Home Owner

While doing my DIY laundry room revamp, my hot water tank decided to stop being a hot water tank and only being a water tank.

I went to Rona on Tuesday after work and picked up new elements and a hose to drain the tank. Cost approximately $60

I drained the tank, replaced both elements, refilled the tank and turned it on. After an hour it was still cold, so I gave it over night.

The next morning it was still cold :o(

Ok – call a plumber … actually, I called about 15 plumbers before I found someone that could come that day!

7:30 pm on Wednesday the plumber arrived. And after 2 ½ hours we were still no where. He suggested it could be the thermostats … it could be the wiring … it could be the whole tank! My current cost for the plumber was $200

He quoted me about $300 to replace the thermostats … and $1,200 to replace the tank. An electrician … not sure how much that would cost!

So this morning I called an electrician and explained what had been done and tested. He suggested it could be the thermostats … well, I don’t want to spend $300!!! He said it would cost me $75 for him to come out and check the wiring (better than $300!)

In the meantime, I decided to Google DIY HWT thermostat replacement and turns out it seemed pretty darn simple!

I got Mom’s car and hit Rona after work. Picked up my 2 thermostats and a chirper to ensure I don’t electrocute myself. Cost was $75

Come home and in a matter of 5 minutes – literally – I had the thermostats changed. So I turned it all back on and headed to Mom’s for a shower (it has been a couple of days!) and dinner.

I was gone an hour and figured I would wait another hour to allow it to fully heat – hopefully!!!

Then a thought occurred! I didn’t check if the trip switch was on or off … so let’s go push it. Luckily, it was where it should be … so just for kicks, I felt the “hot” pipe to see if it was warm (as it’s been cold for 4 days!) … and it was HOT!!!

Run to the kitchen and turn on the hot water tap … give it a few moments and put my hand in … AAAAAHHHHHHHH (sound of halo appearing!)


So I ended up spending $335 (which was $200 more than I really needed to spend) but I really did all the work myself and it was fixed!!!


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