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NYE … Any Plans?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is sitting here wondering “how in the heck is it already December 31st!?”

Where did this year go!?

Yesterday was my first full day back home … and I was enjoying my sleep so much that I slept right through the 4.7 earthquake!

I was up early enough as I had to be at the doctor’s office for an 8 am appointment. Walk there and walk home … it’s only about 10 minutes each way.

At 9:00 am I ventured out to London Drugs to pick up my Ricki’s clothing order at the Canada Post counter. Walk there and walk home (it’s super close … 2 blocks, maybe)

At 10:00 am I laced up my shoes and headed out to Pacific Centre (mall) because I wanted to see if Bath and Body Works had any Boxing Day/Week sales still happening. Walk there (about 20 minutes or so).

I spent just over $70 and saved $105 …

BBW 123015

Oh yeah! Love me some 3-wick candles!!! And looking at the smaller tiles, I feel a summer theme!

The afternoon was a little more lazy … watched some Suits on Netflix … and napped with my oldest baby girl:

Waszabi - 123015

And last but not least, I wrote in all of the birthdays in my 2016 calendar … oh yeah!!!

Guys 2016 Calendar

I’m up early-ish this morning and I’m getting my mind set to really get the next 16 days of 21 Day Fix meals set out! Jamaica is fast approaching!!!

I’ve got no plans for tonight … have an open bottle of Rose wine and might add some San Pellegrino to make it ‘sparkling’ before likely being asleep by 10 pm!

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Let’s Do This

I flew home today … home to my fur babies!!!

I had planned on starting the 21 Day Fix today, but having arrived home around 12:30, and still needing to get groceries (along with unpacking, showering, etc.), I wondered if it would be better to make a plan today and start tomorrow morning.

That would give me 17 days before I fly to Jamaica.

I made a container-meal for dinner to see how much it would be, in order to give me a better idea of what containers I’d need for which meals.

This is a taco chicken salad with red leaf lettuce, tomato, carrot, taco chicken (obvi!) and cheese … it equals 1 Green, 1 Red & 1 Blue

Chicken Taco Salad - 1G, 1R, 1 B

It looks like the amount that fits in Red (protein) is MUCH more than I’m used to eating … but while I’m satisfied after this salad, I’m not overly proteined!

I’m still off work for 5 more days so I plan on sticking to the food plan and starting tomorrow with the workouts!

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Treat Yo’self


Today, after baby snuggles & lunch, I hit the mall in Penticton to see if there were any good Boxing Week sales. Now, the mall is lame … so few stores. But I love Coles/Chapters/Indigo and here’s what I got:

Baby Snuggles or Birth Control

I love baby snuggles! And until just a few weeks ago, I was on the “yes I absolutely want kids” band wagon.

But recently I’ve been more wanting a puppy LOL

Here are the two baby girls I got to cuddle with this holiday!

Emma is 5 weeks.


McKinley is 8 weeks.



My first indulgence of the holidays came yesterday and it was fully planned!

I met a small group of friends at Lachi in Penticton. It’s an awesome Indian restaurant and I’ve been craving their food since I moved to Vancouver!

I ordered yellow dal, saffron rice, naan bread and veggie samosas!

Today I’m meeting a different group of friends at Salty’s for lunch today. I’ll get to see my bestie, her man, her mom, her bro, plus her 3 kids … the newest being just 5 weeks old!!!

Merry Christmas

Was I slept out or just excited for Christmas? Either way, I was up at 5:00 am!

We did our socks and presents. My parents had told me they’d buy me winter boots for Christmas. I found and bought them a few weeks back and was getting cash from Mom when I got here, so I wasn’t expecting much more. I got some new socks, tea towels, adult colouring book, white hot chocolate mix, and $100 cash! Totally spoiled!!! Definitely a joy of being an only child!

We then had eggs Benedict for breakfast and soon we’ll go see Grandpa at his care home.


When we get back, we’ll get our small turkey in the oven … it’s all dressed, stuffed and ready!

Wayne and I had some 12 year aged Appleton Estate rum. I gave mine to him … bleh!


Dinner was great! More veggies than stuffing. Turkey was moist!


Dessert was delicious! Pumpkin cheesecake with ginger snap crust and caramel drizzle!


Merry Christmas Eve

I hadn’t the best of sleeps last night … I was up from about 2:00 am – 3:30 am! Not sure if it was excitement to see my parents, or nerves that I’d sleep in past my alarm and miss my flight!

I headed out around 6:00 am and made my way to the airport. They recommend you arrive 90 minutes before a domestic flight, but being Christmas Eve, I aimed to be 2 hours early. Thank goodness because it took about an hour to check in, drop my baggage, get through security, and make it to the gate.

The weather in Vancouver was misty … in Penticton it was lightly snowing. Prior to boarding, they announced we may not be able to land in Penticton. If that was the case, we’d divert to Kelowna and be required to find our own way to Penticton (an hour drive in good weather).

Thankfully the pilot was positive and got us here safe & sound! My mom met me at the airport and we made our way to their house. I dropped my luggage and borrowed the car then headed out to visit my old office & coworkers. It was great to see them all and have a little catch up.

Mom and I picked up pizza from Mykonos (#26 with pepperoni) around 2:00 as they planned on closing early and they are the BEST pizza in town. We ate that and had a beer (Dunkel from Whistler Brewing – so good! It was chocolate orange flavoured!)


Afterwards, the three of us went for a walk around to check out the Christmas lights … also because I needed about 5,300 steps to make my 10k minimum. I figured we’d need to walk about 45 minutes and I think that’s about how long we were gone. I got my 10k vibration about a block from being back home.

Tomorrow is Christmas! Did it sneak up on anyone else!?

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Hope This Works

I’m drafting this post from my iPad so that I’ll know if I can get away with NOT needing to bring my laptop with me!

I’m officially done work for THE YEAR! I only worked until noon today as I had a bit of vacation time left to be used before year’s end.

I went and got my nails done … a nice mani with shellac polish! I also tried a cute cafe I found down the road called The Red Umbrella. I had the veggie delight sandwich and it was AMAZING! It had cucumber, tomato, avocado … and some more stuff!

I also picked up my 21 Day Fix order!!! I am so excited to start it when I’m back from my parents. I’m bringing the meal planning book with me so that I can get prepared for what I’ll eat for at least the first week.

I did 2 loads of laundry (clothes and sheets/towels), swept, vacuumed, cleaned dishes (still have to put them away), emptied the fridge, took out the garbage, recycling, food waste and litter, and I packed!

I called mom to see if I should pack & bring my winter boots or wear them … luckily she said to wear them, so that actually empties a BUNCH of room in my luggage! I found out we’ll be having a second turkey dinner (oh boy!) on Boxing Day at a family friend’s place. So I unpacked my jeans that I had planned to wear because they’ll be too uncomfortable for food … plan on wearing my lulus for 5+ days! Haha


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Forgotten Package

Did I blog yesterday? I don’t remember!!

We had our team Christmas social after work yesterday. I indulged and had a Red Truck Lager beer … or 3!! And since I haven’t really been drinking this month, I really felt it this morning.

I’m at 12.8K steps today.

Yesterday when I eventually got home, I had a ‘parcel pick up slip’ waiting for me! I couldn’t wait until after work today to go pick up my 21 Day Fix package!!!

When I got the parcel, I realized it’s my replacement FitBit Charge HR and not my 21 Day Fix package 😦

I walked home with my smaller-than-expected parcel and found another ‘parcel pick up slip’ waiting for me!! Now THAT is going to be my 21 Day Fix package, for sure!!!

I only work until noon tomorrow (and that’s it for the YEAR!), then I’ll hit up the post office for my package. I have an appointment at 2 to get my nails done (shellac) and I have to do laundry and pack for my trip home.

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Get Outta Town

I love allowing my body to wake when it’s ready … that’s what weekends are for! Today I was up about 6:30 am, but that’s because I went to sleep somewhere near 9:00 pm last night!

I’m having a little bit of simply lazy time this morning before the day gets started! My teeth are brushed and my contacts are in. I have lit one of my Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles for a little ambiance and I have no music or TV on in the background – just peaceful!

I have a little bit of chores to get done this morning … put away the dishes I washed last night, straighten my hair that I washed last night, and a little more general tidying up.

At 8:00 am I have someone coming by to pick up my spare set of keys so that they can come watch the cats while I’m away at Christmas. This is the first time my girls will be watched by “a stranger” instead of family or friends! I’m sure they’ll be fine, I just worry about Waszabi (oldest at 15 1/2 years) as she’s been dealing with stage 3 kidney failure since August.

Around 9:20 am I’ll be heading out the door and going to visit some friends on Bowen Island for the day. We’re doing a very small gift exchange … I really only bought for their 11-month old son (a new outfit), and they told me they had a little something for me! So I went out yesterday and got them a little something! In the past, I’d get her a bottle of wine, but she’s pregnant with No. 2, so that’s not really a fair gift! So this year I got her a large bottle of San Pellegrino and a small bottle of cranberry juice to mix in – nice little mocktail! For him (& her) I got a decent sized box of Turtles :o) He’ll love it cause he always gets a craving for sweets!

I’m coming back on the 3:00 pm ferry (ok, so a 1/2 day visit!) because my building is having a little Christmas Social this evening. I’ve got a nice tray of cheeses ready, and I just have to fan out some crackers on a second tray! Voila!

It’s crazy to think I’ve only got 2 1/2 days of work left THIS YEAR and that Christmas is only 5 SLEEPS AWAY!!!

This is my tree from last year (and you can see Waszabi on the couch to the right … and Baunzai’s head down near the bottom of said couch!) … I had no clue it would be my last Christmas in my first-owned condo :o( I don’t have a tree up this year because my studio is quite small, at about 440 sq ft!

Christmas Tree

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