“Lazy” Day

Yesterday was a pretty “lazy” day! My FitBit only clocked 10K steps … bare minimum! It makes sense though, because I took a cab home instead of walking because it was windy and rainy. If it’s windy, I’ll walk … if it’s rainy, I’ll walk … but if it’s windy  and rainy, I don’t want to fight the umbrella!

As of this morning, I have 5 1/2 days of work left this year! I’ll be off work from noon on December 23 through Sunday January 3! I’m going home to my parent’s for 5 days over Christmas and haven’t any major plans when I return for 6 days.

My 21 Day Fix shipped on Monday – hopefully the tracking number will actually show some movement today! I have access to the Beach Body On Demand website, so I could start the workouts! My ‘excuse’ the past couple of days is that I had clients books to work on … at this time of the month, money will trump exercise LOL but now my December billings are done so I can really get into the 21dF exercises!!!


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