Get Outta Town

I love allowing my body to wake when it’s ready … that’s what weekends are for! Today I was up about 6:30 am, but that’s because I went to sleep somewhere near 9:00 pm last night!

I’m having a little bit of simply lazy time this morning before the day gets started! My teeth are brushed and my contacts are in. I have lit one of my Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles for a little ambiance and I have no music or TV on in the background – just peaceful!

I have a little bit of chores to get done this morning … put away the dishes I washed last night, straighten my hair that I washed last night, and a little more general tidying up.

At 8:00 am I have someone coming by to pick up my spare set of keys so that they can come watch the cats while I’m away at Christmas. This is the first time my girls will be watched by “a stranger” instead of family or friends! I’m sure they’ll be fine, I just worry about Waszabi (oldest at 15 1/2 years) as she’s been dealing with stage 3 kidney failure since August.

Around 9:20 am I’ll be heading out the door and going to visit some friends on Bowen Island for the day. We’re doing a very small gift exchange … I really only bought for their 11-month old son (a new outfit), and they told me they had a little something for me! So I went out yesterday and got them a little something! In the past, I’d get her a bottle of wine, but she’s pregnant with No. 2, so that’s not really a fair gift! So this year I got her a large bottle of San Pellegrino and a small bottle of cranberry juice to mix in – nice little mocktail! For him (& her) I got a decent sized box of Turtles :o) He’ll love it cause he always gets a craving for sweets!

I’m coming back on the 3:00 pm ferry (ok, so a 1/2 day visit!) because my building is having a little Christmas Social this evening. I’ve got a nice tray of cheeses ready, and I just have to fan out some crackers on a second tray! Voila!

It’s crazy to think I’ve only got 2 1/2 days of work left THIS YEAR and that Christmas is only 5 SLEEPS AWAY!!!

This is my tree from last year (and you can see Waszabi on the couch to the right … and Baunzai’s head down near the bottom of said couch!) … I had no clue it would be my last Christmas in my first-owned condo :o( I don’t have a tree up this year because my studio is quite small, at about 440 sq ft!

Christmas Tree

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