Hope This Works

I’m drafting this post from my iPad so that I’ll know if I can get away with NOT needing to bring my laptop with me!

I’m officially done work for THE YEAR! I only worked until noon today as I had a bit of vacation time left to be used before year’s end.

I went and got my nails done … a nice mani with shellac polish! I also tried a cute cafe I found down the road called The Red Umbrella. I had the veggie delight sandwich and it was AMAZING! It had cucumber, tomato, avocado … and some more stuff!

I also picked up my 21 Day Fix order!!! I am so excited to start it when I’m back from my parents. I’m bringing the meal planning book with me so that I can get prepared for what I’ll eat for at least the first week.

I did 2 loads of laundry (clothes and sheets/towels), swept, vacuumed, cleaned dishes (still have to put them away), emptied the fridge, took out the garbage, recycling, food waste and litter, and I packed!

I called mom to see if I should pack & bring my winter boots or wear them … luckily she said to wear them, so that actually empties a BUNCH of room in my luggage! I found out we’ll be having a second turkey dinner (oh boy!) on Boxing Day at a family friend’s place. So I unpacked my jeans that I had planned to wear because they’ll be too uncomfortable for food … plan on wearing my lulus for 5+ days! Haha


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