NYE … Any Plans?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is sitting here wondering “how in the heck is it already December 31st!?”

Where did this year go!?

Yesterday was my first full day back home … and I was enjoying my sleep so much that I slept right through the 4.7 earthquake!

I was up early enough as I had to be at the doctor’s office for an 8 am appointment. Walk there and walk home … it’s only about 10 minutes each way.

At 9:00 am I ventured out to London Drugs to pick up my Ricki’s clothing order at the Canada Post counter. Walk there and walk home (it’s super close … 2 blocks, maybe)

At 10:00 am I laced up my shoes and headed out to Pacific Centre (mall) because I wanted to see if Bath and Body Works had any Boxing Day/Week sales still happening. Walk there (about 20 minutes or so).

I spent just over $70 and saved $105 …

BBW 123015

Oh yeah! Love me some 3-wick candles!!! And looking at the smaller tiles, I feel a summer theme!

The afternoon was a little more lazy … watched some Suits on Netflix … and napped with my oldest baby girl:

Waszabi - 123015

And last but not least, I wrote in all of the birthdays in my 2016 calendar … oh yeah!!!

Guys 2016 Calendar

I’m up early-ish this morning and I’m getting my mind set to really get the next 16 days of 21 Day Fix meals set out! Jamaica is fast approaching!!!

I’ve got no plans for tonight … have an open bottle of Rose wine and might add some San Pellegrino to make it ‘sparkling’ before likely being asleep by 10 pm!

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