I think I’m one of those people who say “I only get sick once a year”.

Well … yesterday it started with a BUNCH of sneezing (first cold of 2015?) and the full blown congestion increased throughout the night and into the morning (first cold of 2016!).

I woke up around 5:00 am … because I was in bed sleeping by about 9:30 pm! However, I was NOT getting up at 5:00 am! I was able to go back to sleep and the fur babies let me sleep until 7:15 am!! Per my FitBit, I got 8 hours and 55 minutes of actual sleep, along with 1 hour and 16 minutes of awake/restless time. Clearly needed the extra Zzzz’s!

Normally on days off, I get into jammies (cause I sleep in no jammies) and plop my butt in my lay-z-boy and watch some tv. But this morning, of course after feeding the little minions, I hopped in a steamy shower to try to alleviate the congestion. Then I plopped my butt in the chair!

The shower seems to have helped.

Other plans/goals for today …

  • Stick to my 21 Day Fix eating plan
  • Do a 21 Day Fix workout
  • Get out for a long walk … at least an hour
  • Hit my 10K minimum steps
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