Oh Hellz Yeah!

Woot – 1st week of work in 2016 is done! It was a nice week. Not too long, not too fast.

But now it’s the weekend!

I actually obtained my second new client this week! One of the managers coming to our team … her hubby has a business and she was looking to get his books up to date, but didn’t really know where to start for the bookkeeping aspect. I mentioned I have a bookkeeping business and voila! I have my second new client! Starting 2016 off on the right foot!!

I withdrew my US and CA money today and I go pick up my Jamaican money tomorrow. Only 1 more week until I fly, fly away!!!

Food was relatively on-track this week. I was down 2 pounds as of before dinner yesterday … and that’s for 1 week, and allowing myself some 70% dark chocolate, too.

It’s nice to see results with simply following the food plan … just imagine what’ll happen when I toss in the working out!!!

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2 thoughts on “Oh Hellz Yeah!

  1. Wishing you luck with your new bookkeeping client.

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