Pets as Dependents!

Does anyone else think that pets should be allowed as a dependent for income tax & extended benefits?

I can’t remember when I last blogged … so a recap of the past few days.

My lower back has been bothering me – feeling tight, etc. So I went to the chiropractor last Thursday and explained my soreness. I told him that I’d noticed it drastically since moving to Vancouver and walking 7+ KM per day … it just aches!!!

He checked me over and told me that my back, indeed, is tight, knotted, etc. He said it’s likely been this way for over a year, but that I’ve simply noticed it more in the past 5 months because the tightness is right at the lower back where your hip joints connect.

At the end of the first appointment, I booked in again for Monday.

Well the walk to work Monday was tough … my back was SO tight … tighter than I have noticed it recently! I went to see him at 1:15 and also had previously decided that I’d go home after to ice my back and just lay down … and idea he totally agreed with.

Upon returning home (back much looser, thank goodness!) I checked Baunzai’s neck. She’s had some skin irritation and the spot on her neck has kind of been expanding and she’s losing fur. I’d been using Polysporin and Vitamin E ointment to try to soothe it and keep it from getting infected.

Unfortunately, this was starting to look bad … and with my going away for a week, I wanted to get her into the vet for a check.

Hail a cab and off we go! The vet said it was infected, but not horribly. He gave her a steroid shot to fend off the itchiness/scratching, and also gave me some antibiotics for her at home.

Now … I don’t know about other cats, but both of mine turn their noses up to bananas. So when they told me the oral antibiotics for her were banana flavored – I was skeptical! Luckily, the dose is only 1 mL twice a day.

Well … sweet little Baunzai (hahaha) doesn’t really enjoy the shitty banana flavored drugs! I get them into the back of her throat and she does something to make her saliva become foamy and then it comes out her mouth … I’d say she’s likely getting 1/2 a dose each time! Boy oh boy!

So the cat sitter will have to finish giving her the drugs just for the first couple days I’m gone. Having a look at the neck sore, it’s looking WAY better – so that makes me feel good and appreciative of the drugs. Maybe not so much the $212 I had to spend at the vet … but you can’t win ’em all!

I’ve also restarted Waszabi on her kidney disease supplements. I have 2 separate supplements to squirt down her throat twice a day and she also detests them! I haven’t been very good with giving them to her … not since maybe November! But she’s been drinking a lot of water and has been having a bit of issues jumping up (spring in her hind legs) which are both signs that her kidney disease could be worsening. She’s supposed to go back to the vet in February to have her levels rechecked from November … it’s about $250 for the recheck blood work!

So just another task for the cat sitter … going to make sure the $40 + GST per day is worth it! LOL

After work today I hit up my nail place for a shellac manicure and was also able to get a pedicure with polish! So now all my nails are ready for Jamaica!!!

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