Jamaica, Mon!

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts … but I’ve been in Paradise for a week!


Jamaica. Negril, to be exact. I absolutely LOVE it there! This was my 3rd visit to Negril and I can’t wait for my next trip!


A palm tree … surprisingly something you don’t see many of!


The river coming in from the sea, where the fishing boats are “docked”.


One of the rocky stairs leading to the Caribbean sea!


This is Maude. She is Niah’s sister. If (when) you go to Negril, you MUST search our Niah’s Patties … they are the BEST!


This is Maureen. She is the owner of the Sunny Side Bar on Seven Mile Beach. You can get an ice-cold (sometimes literally frozen … but she won’t serve you the frozen ones!) Red Stripe (beer) for $170 JA (approximately $2 CA).


A shot of “The Cliffs” in Negril.

While it was amazing to be away and visit Negril again, it is so good to be home and getting back to reality & routine.

Good part of this vacation … I actually LOST 2 pounds!!!


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