January 31 …

Today is January 31, 2016.

The older we get, the faster the time goes by!

Tomorrow if February … already! My birthday is in February, so it’s my favourite month!

I’m thinking about trying out yoga. I’ve had a sore/tight back for about 6 months now and the chiropractor has helped, but I can’t help but think that yoga will not only help loosen my muscles all over, but will also stimulate lymph movement and assist in my health journey.

I’m going to try YYoga in Vancouver. They offer a newbie version of 1 month unlimited (yoga, spin, sauna) for only $40!

Plus, at work we’re given $500 to use towards health improvements, so I’ll get it back anyways! AND … I can get some new workout/yoga clothes under this plan, too!

Was thinking about starting the 1-month trial today … but it’s been raining non-stop and I don’t really feel like leaving the house (other than I went for groceries this morning and got my nails done!)

If I start the 30 day trial today, it would take me through February 29 … granted, if I wait until tomorrow, I’ll have it until March 1!

I also really would like to get fully on-track with the 21 Day Fix starting tomorrow. That would take me through February 21 and my birthday is the 23!

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