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March … Still!?

So my new Bose speaker arrived from Apple yesterday and it’s pretty darn decent! It’s actually quite loud when I bring it into the bathroom for a shower!!

My new iPhone SE has shipped! The Apple site says the expected delivery date is April 4, 2016 … but when I track the actual shipment, it says delivery March 31, 2016 before end of day! That’s TOMORROW!!!

Plus my big Le-Vel Thrive order should be arriving either tomorrow or Friday! I’ll then be fully stocked to hook you up with a mini Thrive Experience … see bottom of blog for details!

033016.3Wow – what a beautiful start to the day!

I was up at 4:30 am … there was a big bang outside, it woke me up, and I could NOT get back to sleep. So I decided to get up and get the day started!

After my shower and dressing, I did some T1s (Canadian Personal Tax Returns) for some clients. Might as well make some money before going to my day job!

Lunch time had the weather looking amazing!!!




Blows my mind that it’s so gorgeous and it’s still March! Guess the “simplest” explanation is Global Warming!

Oh … and in case you haven’t heard it from me enough … I’m Thriving!!!



In a tank top.

With no jacket or sweater.

At lunch at the end of March.

Thriving. Not to mention, it’s 8:20 pm … and on a regular non-Thrive day, I’d be ready to hit the sack by now! And another not to mention, I even had enough energy to walk to work, walk home, and go for a walk after dinner! 16,500+ steps and 11.5 kilometers!

Are you ready to join me yet!?

Watch the video, get yourself a free customer account, and then we can talk about getting you a FREE 3 day mini Thrive Experience!!!


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No Picture

I used my iPod Shuffle today, so my phone stayed in my backpack … so no pictures today.

The weather this week in Vancouver is forecast to be spectacular! So I need to take it all in before the rain comes back on the weekend!

I walked to work (30 minutes) … and I walked at lunch (50 minutes) … and I walked the long way home (70 minutes)!

All in all, almost 20,000 steps and something like 13.5+ km just today!!!

Man – I’m ready to put my feet up and chill for a bit!

More good news …

New Bose speaker from Apple is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

My Le-Vel Thrive order shipped today.

Now just waiting to hear when my new iPhone SE will ship!

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Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter to all my readers and followers!

Hoppy Easter

I got out for a little stroll this morning … was on the hunt for some clear resealable bags so that I could send out some Thrive sample packs (hint hint)!

I also went to find the Lids store on Robson Street … but it appears to be shut! No just closed, but long gone! So no new hat today.

I also went by the New Balance store to have them order in some new shoes … but they didn’t open until 11:00 am and I didn’t want to wait around! So no new shoes today (or in a few days!)

But I’ve done a walk and my lower back was KILLING me. So I think I’ll rest it for most of the rest of the day. I still need to do house work, etc. – but that’s about it.

Hope you’re all having a very Hoppy Easter and remember – if you want to Thrive, get in touch!!!

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Tired Yet?

What a day … well, more like What a morning!

My folks left around 9:15 am and I settled in for some Hockey Wives :o)

When that was done, I laced up my shoes and headed down Granville Street to check a sports store for a new hat. Unfortunately they didn’t have very good stock and I wasn’t wanting to walk around looking for another store (there is one on Robson Street that I’ll check out in the next couple of days).

So after that, I headed towards the Burrard Street Bridge because I wanted to walk across it and head over to Kitsilano and walk a bit on the Seawall over there.

The weather was nice, but not gorgeous. It was dry, but a bit breezy at times.

After a little Seawall stroll (and some picture taking, of course … I still feel very much like a tourist here!), I headed to Granville Island and browsed a bit. I came across one of the vendors with Italian sausage, bocconcini, and fresh-made pasta. I decided to pick up some items for dinner tonight or tomorrow or Monday.

Then I took the water taxi back to the West End and walked the Seawall to Davie Street, then up to Safeway. I picked up a ham and some scalloped potato mix (just Sidekicks … I quite like them every so often) to make as my Easter dinner … tonight, tomorrow or Monday :o)

By the time I got home, almost 3 hours to the minute, I had walked over 15,000 steps and traveled 10.41 kilometers (6.46 miles, for my American readers) and I was feeling spent but still good!


Seriously … I live here! How awesome and beyond blessed am I!?

So I continue to Thrive and I am wondering if you’ve checked out my website yet (shalygoson.le-vel-com)?

Remember – check out the short (less than 4 minute video), create a FREE NO OBLIGATION customer account, and get in touch with me to discuss getting your own FREE mini Thrive Experience!!!

Are you tired of hearing it yet? I’ll continue to say it :o) Thrive with me!!!

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Take A Chance … Jump Right In

Wow – today we walked over 12 km!!! We left before 10 am and stopped for lunch before making the final little trek home.

Granted … our wait for lunch was 45 MINUTES!!! Luckily, lunch was awesome!

White Spot Lunch

I had the Bacon Cheddar Better Burger with fries and a sleeve of Nat Bailey Pale Ale.

Wayne's Dessert

Since it is Wayne’s birthday, he got dessert on the house!

Lions Gate

Here is a shot of the Lions Gate Bridge taken from Prospect Point in Stanley Park.

So I have decided to dive right in with Le-Vel Thrive and I have purchased a Promoter’s Package, as well as one of each of the additional/new products … I can’t promote it if I don’t know it!

Remember: :o)

Hopefully it’ll all arrive around March 30th.

Oh and I also pre-ordered the iPhone SE 64 GB and in order to get 3 month financing, the order had to be minimum $750 pre tax … so I threw in a Bose BlueTooth speaker! The speaker should arrive March 29 and the phone is slated to be delivered March 31 – April 4. I cannot wait!!!

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Rise & Thrive

Rise & Thrive

That is the motto for the day … well, for the morning at least! Don’t forget to check out my website¬†, sign up for a FREE NO OBLIGATIONS customer account, and contact me to find out how you can get a mini Thrive experience for FREE!!!

Rise & Thrive Collage

My folks arrived in town today and after they snagged the visitor’s spot at my building, they walked around Chinatown and Gastown for approximately 4 hours!

Mom sent me this picture of Wayne outside my work building :o)

Wayne PwC

We went for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and I brought home I swear more than 50% of my plate!!!

Tomorrow we’ll be walking up a storm … maybe you could say walking up the sunshine since it should be the nicest day of the weekend!!!

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Daffodils for Cancer

At work yesterday, you could donate $2 for a daffodil pin, or $2 for a bunch of 3 daffodils. The money all goes to the Canadian Cancer Agency (I think!) … I knew the day was coming, and I had $10 ready for 5 bunches of daffodils!

When I got home, the sky to the north was black!!! This picture really doesn’t do it much justice:

Daffodils Amid A Storm

I put my Thrive DFT on my inner forearm today and it stay in place! I’m very excited to start promoting this product and the whole Thrive line … so visit my website … check out the less-than-4-minute video … start a FREE customer account … and get in touch to see how you can get a Mini Thrive Experience trial pack!!!

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Actively Thriving

I decided to change my Le-Vel Thrive account from Customer to Promoter.

There’s no financial commitment … there’s no pressure.

You either remain “active” with a minimum monthly purchase/customer sales, or you don’t. That simply means you qualify for commissions, or your don’t.

Actively Thriving

I have found that my energy remains relatively stable all day. I’m more energized in the evenings – and that is awesome, especially when the days start getting warmer and staying light out longer!

I was going to walk home tonight along the seawall and then around Lost Lagoon, but it was starting to rain, so I went for the bus.

At the bus stop, I realized my credit card wasn’t in it’s spot in my phone case … minor panic set in! So I walked back to the office, tracing my steps/path. Nothing.

Went up to my floor and checked my desk. Nothing.

Ok – open the app on my phone and pause my card.

Walk back to the bus stop still scanning the ground. Nothing.

Good thing about walking to and from and to the bus stop – got in my minimum steps!

Ok – order a new card. Now to wait the 1 – 2 WEEKS for it to arrive! Did it take that long when I originally got the card!?

Thank goodness for “spare” credit cards LOL

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Today marks Day 9 of my Le-Vel Thrive Experience. Still can’t say I’m noticing a HUGE difference, but I can say I don’t have the cravings I am used to having, and I guess I have noticed that my energy level remains relatively steady all day.

The weather has been beautiful in Vancouver the last couple of days. But as per normal, I’m usually working when the sun decides to come out.

Thankfully, today (Saturday) is a non-rain day. It’s not a sun day, but it’s dry!

I got my Walmart errands done before 9 am, so I decided to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s about $40 to enter the park, but as a BC resident, you can actually turn your admission into an annual pass – no extra cost! So that’s what I did …

Now – the “park” is beautiful and natural … kind of. There are a LOT of man-made bridges, paths, etc. but it’s all in nature. It took about 2 hours total to get up there (free shuttle, by the way), walk around the entire park and all the attractions, and return back on the shuttle (still free). There are quite a lot of stairs … both up and down. It was a decent workout, but not sweaty. I’m sure in the summer one might get more sweaty.

031916 Waterfall

There are wonderful totem poles.

031916 Totem

And there are some larger-than-life animals …

031916 Dragonfly

After the bridge, I walked down around Lost Lagoon and saw some real wildlife! I was told by a passerby that this is the Mom Swan. Down the trail a bit was the Dad Swan. He was sitting on the eggs, keeping them warm while Mom Swan was out eating.

031916 Swan

And the quintessential Canadian water fowl …

031916 Geese

Such an awesome day so far and it’s only 2:00 pm!

Now I guess I should put the computer away, turn on some tunes and use this energy to clean the apartment!

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Spring Forward


Just getting ready for the day and wanted to inquire … you hear so many people complain about “losing an hour of sleep” when the time changes and springs forward.

For me, I don’t notice this “lose” when it happens … I notice it today (Monday) when I now HAVE to get up to an alarm!

Man, I could have slept, slept, slept today!

Happy Monday :o)