Where have you been?!

Ok, really … it’s “where have I been!?”

I’ve been slacking on posting … but honestly – nothing much has been happening! LOL

I had my birthday at the end of February. Usually, my co-workers (that I’m friends with) are in the Yukon on audits for the week before and the week of my birthday – every year. Well, there was no change this year – they were up there. The only difference is that they aren’t my co-workers any longer since I up & left in August.

So I sent an invite to my new (not yet “friends”) co-workers to come out and have drinks & appies with me after work the day of my birth. I was SHOCKED to see that something like 18 people RSVP’d “yes” to come!!! I think in the end, there was 15 people – crazy amazing! I felt absolutely wonderful that so many people wanted to celebrate ME!

Birthday 2016

Now it’s almost a week into March and still not much is happening. My life is pretty simple, some might say boring. I wake, go to work, come home, watch some tv, go to bed. Simple.

I’m trying to get in some extra exercise … mainly at lunch, if I feel like it. But on 99% of days, I walk 30 minutes to work. And perhaps 75% of days, I walk 30 minutes home. Plus the walking/steps that I do throughout the work day. So I’m by no means “lazy”. But what I’m doing is simply only enough to maintain my “health” at the moment.

I was trying the 21 Day Fix, but trying to do the (only) 30-minute workout when I got home from work was just too much (I know – it’s really NOT much!) but I was already spent. So I did it a few days at lunch at the gym at work. And I found that helped in more than one way. 1.) I got the extra exercise done 2.) doing it at the gym with strangers around made me push myself, whereas at home I give up easier and 3.) I think it increased my alertness for the afternoon.

But I didn’t/couldn’t stick with it.

A FB friend has been posting about herself and her husband using Le-vel Thrive products and how awesome they are. So she reached out to me (seeing my continued health journey) and suggested I simply check out their website. I finally did and set up a call with her to get a bit more info.

While her hubby’s success is awesome (he was a pack-a-day smoker, excessive-coffee drinker, etc. and how he smokes maybe 5 smokes, drinks maybe 2 cups of coffee) – it kind of doesn’t relate to me because I don’t smoke, I don’t drink coffee (or really any caffeine) … so what could this product do for me.

She offered to send me a trial … for free … so, yeah – let’s see what happens.

The 3-day trial arrived on Thursday but I decided to wait until today (Sunday) to try it, just in case there are any adverse side effects.

So I woke up, took the 2 capsules with a gulp of water and got out of bed. About 30 minutes later, I shook up the shake and drank it down (not quickly, but quicker than I usually drink shakes … maybe over 15 minutes) and applied the DFT patch.

Now, today is supposed to be a(nother) shitty rainy day in Vancouver. But when I got up, it was GORGEOUS … and it’s hard to say if it is because of the Thrive program that I (literally just) started, or if it’s because of the nice morning – but I wanted to get out for a walk & some fresh air.


I also took this picture that makes it look like I could possibly be in a tropical location:


Anyways … we’ll see how the day goes and if I notice any difference in my awakeness/alertness on a “lazy” Sunday!

I have really high hopes for the Le-Vel Thrive program to increase my energy and hopefully get me moving more, eating less, and feeling better! I was told it only takes 2 days to arrive once ordered … so if today feels good and tomorrow (morning) feels as good, or better … I may order a month of it ($190/month if ordered on autoship) tomorrow and hope for it to arrive Wednesday.

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