Le-Vel Thrive – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2.

I didn’t get the same “burst” of energy this morning, but rather I felt like I was still in the “fog” that I felt yesterday.

The “fog” continues as I arrive home after work at 5:45 pm. So I think that I’m actually feeling much better than I should be because I think my body is fighting a pending bug. And I think I’m feeling better because of Thrive.

Also – while my trial pack came with 3 days of Thrive W – Women’s Lifestyle capsule and 3 days of Thrive Lifestyle DFT, it only came with 2 days of Thrive Premium Lifestyle mix. So instead of a full shake this morning, I halved the shake so I’d have some for tomorrow.

I decided to give Thrive a full go! I’ve ordered a 1-month supply (30 days of Thrive W – Women’s Lifestyle capsules, 16 single-serve packets of Thrive Premium Lifestyle mix vanilla, 16 single-serve packets of Thrive Premium Lifestyle mix chocolate, and 30 Thrive Lifestyle DFT patches) and I’ve been told it only takes 2 days to arrive. So while it may arrive Wednesday, there will (should) likely be a Post Office Pick-Up Slip waiting when I get home … which means I won’t actually be able to pick it up until Thursday after work … so it’ll be 4 days. Oh well – c’est la vie!

One thing I was NOT impressed by was the price. Now, if you sign up for monthly auto-ship, you get the product at a discounted rate ($190/month). With the products I selected, the chocolate mix is $4 more, so it’s $194/month.

However … it’s in USD and with the Canadian dollar running at only about 75% of one US dollar, the exchange makes for a HUGE difference!

I texted my promoter and she had $30 (USD) in credits that she was able to apply to my account. So, even after shipping and tax, it still worked out to $201.27 USD (which is about $270 CAD!) At the regular (no credit) rate, I’m looking at $302.75 CAD a month … quite a lot more than the previously presumed $190 per month!!!

But I’ve ordered a month and I’m going to give it a go. We’ll see how I feel. I could very well be one of the people who don’t feel the full benefits until 3 – 5 days into it … too bad I’ll have to miss one or two days this week waiting for my order to arrive.

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