Le-Vel Thrive: Day 3

Yesterday was Day 3.

The morning was good. Except for the DFT …

I put it on my upper inner arm and made sure it was secure. I put on my hoodie and off to work I walked.

When I got to work and changed into my work clothes, I quickly noticed the DFT wasn’t secure any longer. And not only was it not secure, it had lost all sticky-ness!! What now!?

I ended up using basic tape and taping it around my ankle. Seemed to work ok, but WTF!

My Promoter send me a diagram of where Le-Vel suggests to put it … and the upper inner arm is one of the spots! Clearly it’s not a good option, just as the inner wrist wasn’t a good option the day before!

So the morning was good, my energy level felt higher. But after lunch I started to get the sinus headache I felt the day before and the foggy feeling I had felt since Sunday (Day 1). Well on the bus home, the headache was ten-fold – it was a killer!

I’m staying home today because the headache isn’t gone, which again leads me to believe the not-optimal symptoms I’ve been feeling are because I’m coming down with a bug/illness, as opposed to it being related to the Le-Vel Thrive products.

I don’t have any Le-Vel Thrive products left … my first monthly shipment should actually arrive today. So I’m interested to see if the foggy feeling comes back today or stays away. I plan on starting the 30-day pack tomorrow, so again it will be interesting to see if the foggy feeling comes back tomorrow when I’m back on the Le-Vel Thrive products.

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