Another “Treat Yo Self” Post

I decided to start my 30-day supply of Le-Vel Thrive yesterday. And I did get a headache in the afternoon … same as I did Monday and Tuesday.

I’m not certain if the headaches are because the Thrive product, because it has multiple caffeine sources and I don’t usually consume caffeine, or if the headaches are because I’m fighting a bug, or if the headaches are because of the lighting/HVAC at the office.

But today is Saturday so I’m not at the office … I’ll be able to rule out the office option if I do get another headache.

So on to “Treat Yo Self” …

Got my nails done after work last night. The lady who did my nails this time wasn’t the best. I have a couple of really short nails, due to breakage, and when she was putting on the gel/shellac polish, she would get some on my skin … but she wouldn’t fully wipe it off before it went into the light to cure. So when I was done, I noticed there was polish that needed to be cleaned off my skin. She didn’t really know how to clean it off since it was cured on … not cool!

When I went to pay, the owner asked if I was happy with my manicure/polish and I was honest and said “it’s ok”. When he asked what could be better, I showed the polish on the skin and he understood. They offered to lightly file it off (which I thought would work) but I was done and just ready to go home.

Needless to say, she didn’t get the usual $5 I would normally leave.

Today I’ve got an appointment to get my hair coloured … professionally! I know my colourist (we graduated high school together and were even in the same “group” LOL) but this will be the first time he’s coloured my hair.

He asked me yesterday what I was hoping for. I replied that I want it lighter, yet warm. Maybe lighter browns, caramels, etc. But I don’t want major up-keep or high maintenance. I said I want to leave it to him to use his expertise and find colours that will compliment my skin tone. I’ve seen photos from his portfolio and he’s got great talent.

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