Does It Rain In Vancouver?

Rainy Vancouver - March 13, 2016

Yes, yes it does. LOL

It was decent this morning. I went for a short stroll this morning, and then decided to take in a movie around noon.

I went and saw 10 Cloverfield Lane as I had JUST seen the preview for it and it looked interesting. My parents saw it yesterday and asked me to comment on the last 10 minutes of the movie because they both thought it was bizarre.

So did I.

The rest of the movie was relatively good, but the ending was f***ing stupid! LOL

Umbrella & Cherry Blossoms

This was on my way home … it wasn’t raining when I wen t into the movie, but it was when I came out. And it didn’t stop (see top picture) haha.

On to my Le-Vel Thrive experience!!! I still haven’t noticed a huge increase in energy, but I wasn’t tired/wanting to nap yesterday (which I think is typical for a weekend day).

I also didn’t get a headache yesterday or today! So it leads me to believe my headaches last week were either a.) illness-induced, b.) office HVAC environment-induced, or c.) office lighting-induced. Tomorrow will be a good chance to hopefully rule out office-induced. I’ve been working at this office for 7 months and this is the first time these headaches have been so horribly prominent.

I have been pretty lazy today, when I think about it! I haven’t vacuumed, haven’t done laundry, haven’t cleaned the bathroom. I’ve only done the dishes …

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