Today marks Day 9 of my Le-Vel Thrive Experience. Still can’t say I’m noticing a HUGE difference, but I can say I don’t have the cravings I am used to having, and I guess I have noticed that my energy level remains relatively steady all day.

The weather has been beautiful in Vancouver the last couple of days. But as per normal, I’m usually working when the sun decides to come out.

Thankfully, today (Saturday) is a non-rain day. It’s not a sun day, but it’s dry!

I got my Walmart errands done before 9 am, so I decided to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s about $40 to enter the park, but as a BC resident, you can actually turn your admission into an annual pass – no extra cost! So that’s what I did …

Now – the “park” is beautiful and natural … kind of. There are a LOT of man-made bridges, paths, etc. but it’s all in nature. It took about 2 hours total to get up there (free shuttle, by the way), walk around the entire park and all the attractions, and return back on the shuttle (still free). There are quite a lot of stairs … both up and down. It was a decent workout, but not sweaty. I’m sure in the summer one might get more sweaty.

031916 Waterfall

There are wonderful totem poles.

031916 Totem

And there are some larger-than-life animals …

031916 Dragonfly

After the bridge, I walked down around Lost Lagoon and saw some real wildlife! I was told by a passerby that this is the Mom Swan. Down the trail a bit was the Dad Swan. He was sitting on the eggs, keeping them warm while Mom Swan was out eating.

031916 Swan

And the quintessential Canadian water fowl …

031916 Geese

Such an awesome day so far and it’s only 2:00 pm!

Now I guess I should put the computer away, turn on some tunes and use this energy to clean the apartment!

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