Actively Thriving

I decided to change my Le-Vel Thrive account from Customer to Promoter.

There’s no financial commitment … there’s no pressure.

You either remain “active” with a minimum monthly purchase/customer sales, or you don’t. That simply means you qualify for commissions, or your don’t.

Actively Thriving

I have found that my energy remains relatively stable all day. I’m more energized in the evenings – and that is awesome, especially when the days start getting warmer and staying light out longer!

I was going to walk home tonight along the seawall and then around Lost Lagoon, but it was starting to rain, so I went for the bus.

At the bus stop, I realized my credit card wasn’t in it’s spot in my phone case … minor panic set in! So I walked back to the office, tracing my steps/path. Nothing.

Went up to my floor and checked my desk. Nothing.

Ok – open the app on my phone and pause my card.

Walk back to the bus stop still scanning the ground. Nothing.

Good thing about walking to and from and to the bus stop – got in my minimum steps!

Ok – order a new card. Now to wait the 1 – 2 WEEKS for it to arrive! Did it take that long when I originally got the card!?

Thank goodness for “spare” credit cards LOL

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