Take A Chance … Jump Right In

Wow – today we walked over 12 km!!! We left before 10 am and stopped for lunch before making the final little trek home.

Granted … our wait for lunch was 45 MINUTES!!! Luckily, lunch was awesome!

White Spot Lunch

I had the Bacon Cheddar Better Burger with fries and a sleeve of Nat Bailey Pale Ale.

Wayne's Dessert

Since it is Wayne’s birthday, he got dessert on the house!

Lions Gate

Here is a shot of the Lions Gate Bridge taken from Prospect Point in Stanley Park.

So I have decided to dive right in with Le-Vel Thrive and I have purchased a Promoter’s Package, as well as one of each of the additional/new products … I can’t promote it if I don’t know it!

Remember: shalygoson.le-vel.com :o)

Hopefully it’ll all arrive around March 30th.

Oh and I also pre-ordered the iPhone SE 64 GB and in order to get 3 month financing, the order had to be minimum $750 pre tax … so I threw in a Bose BlueTooth speaker! The speaker should arrive March 29 and the phone is slated to be delivered March 31 – April 4. I cannot wait!!!

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