Tired Yet?

What a day … well, more like What a morning!

My folks left around 9:15 am and I settled in for some Hockey Wives :o)

When that was done, I laced up my shoes and headed down Granville Street to check a sports store for a new hat. Unfortunately they didn’t have very good stock and I wasn’t wanting to walk around looking for another store (there is one on Robson Street that I’ll check out in the next couple of days).

So after that, I headed towards the Burrard Street Bridge because I wanted to walk across it and head over to Kitsilano and walk a bit on the Seawall over there.

The weather was nice, but not gorgeous. It was dry, but a bit breezy at times.

After a little Seawall stroll (and some picture taking, of course … I still feel very much like a tourist here!), I headed to Granville Island and browsed a bit. I came across one of the vendors with Italian sausage, bocconcini, and fresh-made pasta. I decided to pick up some items for dinner tonight or tomorrow or Monday.

Then I took the water taxi back to the West End and walked the Seawall to Davie Street, then up to Safeway. I picked up a ham and some scalloped potato mix (just Sidekicks … I quite like them every so often) to make as my Easter dinner … tonight, tomorrow or Monday :o)

By the time I got home, almost 3 hours to the minute, I had walked over 15,000 steps and traveled 10.41 kilometers (6.46 miles, for my American readers) and I was feeling spent but still good!


Seriously … I live here! How awesome and beyond blessed am I!?

So I continue to Thrive and I am wondering if you’ve checked out my website yet (shalygoson.le-vel-com)?

Remember – check out the short (less than 4 minute video), create a FREE NO OBLIGATION customer account, and get in touch with me to discuss getting your own FREE mini Thrive Experience!!!

Are you tired of hearing it yet? I’ll continue to say it :o) Thrive with me!!!

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