March … Still!?

So my new Bose speaker arrived from Apple yesterday and it’s pretty darn decent! It’s actually quite loud when I bring it into the bathroom for a shower!!

My new iPhone SE has shipped! The Apple site says the expected delivery date is April 4, 2016 … but when I track the actual shipment, it says delivery March 31, 2016 before end of day! That’s TOMORROW!!!

Plus my big Le-Vel Thrive order should be arriving either tomorrow or Friday! I’ll then be fully stocked to hook you up with a mini Thrive Experience … see bottom of blog for details!

033016.3Wow – what a beautiful start to the day!

I was up at 4:30 am … there was a big bang outside, it woke me up, and I could NOT get back to sleep. So I decided to get up and get the day started!

After my shower and dressing, I did some T1s (Canadian Personal Tax Returns) for some clients. Might as well make some money before going to my day job!

Lunch time had the weather looking amazing!!!




Blows my mind that it’s so gorgeous and it’s still March! Guess the “simplest” explanation is Global Warming!

Oh … and in case you haven’t heard it from me enough … I’m Thriving!!!



In a tank top.

With no jacket or sweater.

At lunch at the end of March.

Thriving. Not to mention, it’s 8:20 pm … and on a regular non-Thrive day, I’d be ready to hit the sack by now! And another not to mention, I even had enough energy to walk to work, walk home, and go for a walk after dinner! 16,500+ steps and 11.5 kilometers!

Are you ready to join me yet!?

Watch the video, get yourself a free customer account, and then we can talk about getting you a FREE 3 day mini Thrive Experience!!!


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