It’s Christmas!!!

So last night before bed, the iPhone tracking said it would be delivered by end of day on April 5th … oiy!

Luckily, my Le-Vel Thrive order was set for delivery today!!!

Thrive Product Line

Here is the “basic” Thrive product line (men and women variety shown) … samples now available!

Thrive Add On Product Line

And here is the “add-on” product line!!! I can’t wait to get some of these into my Thriving body!!!

I’m really excited about Balance as I have experienced major stomach bloating for the past few years … and Balance is supposed to aid in reducing bloat!

I’ve also seen great results from others using Form.

I just can’t wait to try them ALL!!!

So this all arrived today and I’ve had my fun looking and reading and getting my sample packs set up.

So check out my website (, watch the short video, set up a FREE customer account … then get in touch about getting a Mini Thrive Experience!!! It’s really that simple!

Oh and not to mention … MY NEW PHONE ARRIVED TODAY!!! I’ve got it all set up and will have to experiment with the photos, etc. that are supposed to be so much better than the iPhone 5 I upgraded from!

And it was a “slack” day fitness-wise … only 14K steps and 9.6km LOL

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