The weather this week has been absolutely summer-like! It’s been wonderful and it has totally helped motivate me to get outside and be active!

Today I decided to go down to Kitsilano again and check out the “main shopping road” in Kits. It was ok – nothing really special or outstanding!

But then I kept walking and finally decided to turn around to head home. I ended up walking from the West End to the Point Grey area and back … about 13.5 km round trip! My hip-flexors will be mad tomorrow!


Vancouver from the Kitsilano Dog Beach.


A well-deserved Strongbow after the trek!

I’m doing a Weekend Warrior challenge through Fitbit with some friends this weekend – so I wanted to CRUSH my daily step goal (10,000) … and it’s currently at 20,142! Woot!

I am also trying all the various Le-Vel Thrive product!

Yesterday I added Boost to my Premium Shake.

I tried Form before work. I tried Rest before bed … as well as I took a Balance capsule before bed.

This morning I added Activate to my Premium Shake. And I took Move.

So far they all taste pretty decent. I haven’t had a Le-Vel Thrive product that I’ve thought was gross! That’s something big in my books!

Remember: shalygoson.le-vel.com

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