My Whys

I’ve seen many posts lately about people’s “why” for getting healthy. While most (99%) include their kids and spouse, NOT ONE has included THEMSELVES!!!

I would think, in today’s day, we don’t need to be reminded that YOU ARE YOUR #1 WHY!!! You are Numero Uno!

My Whys

On the way to work today, I came across this little guy hanging out on the Vancouver Seawall with his little buddy:


And a little inclusion of today’s positive post:


So now down to business!

It’s April and that means personal tax month. I am used to actually DOING the tax returns, but I’m at a new company this year and doing taxes isn’t my job. I’m used to working 500 hours over March & April … not this year! I think I worked the normal 37.5 hour weeks in March. And I while I do expect to work a bit of OT in April, I know it won’t be ANYWHERE close to what I’m used to. I’ve worked 2.7 hours of OT this week … pretty awesome, in my books! More money – less work!

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