Advice From A Co-Worker

“Don’t walk around the world this weekend” LOL


And this was all between 8:45 am and 2:00 pm!!!


This picture started my day … “and the adventure begins” and “set goals & crush’em”

I drafted it last night before going to bed, but I truly had NO IDEA what the adventure or my goals would be today!


Walked the … 6+ km to Van Dusen Botanical Garden. And while it was nice and all, it wasn’t worth the “special event” $14 admission (in my opinion)!


This beauty was found on my adventure between Van Dusen Botanical Garden and the Bloedel Conservatory. Damn I love lilacs!!!


With a little more research, I would have known that the Bloedel Conservatory is in the Queen Elizabeth Park (in Vancouver) and more so, at the TOP of the big hill! I was bagged, but not tired, by the time I got there! But check out THAT view! As clear as this picture isn’t, the background is Vancouver and the snow-capped mountains.


The life that I saw at the Bloedel Conservatory was awesome! This is just a small preview of it! And for admission of only $6.75, it was WELL WORTH it!

And it’s safe to say I didn’t listen to my co-worker as I’m currently over 20K steps just today!

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