Tuesday April 12, 2016 … almost mid-April, already!

While it is getting busier at work, it’s nothing like the normal “Tax Season” busy I’ve become used to over the past 8 years! I am usually a key T1 Personal Income Tax Return preparer, but at PwC I am admin. Strictly admin. And I like it!

At BDO I was used to working close to 500 hours over March & April (normal is about 300 hours), but this year I’ve worked a whopping 3 hours of OT so far! LOL

I still have my DBA Services self-employment doing bookkeeping and personal tax prep during my “spare” time … but the weather has been so nice here the past couple of weeks/weekends that I have been totally putting off the side work!

I’ve even had a couple of people ask where I vacationed to have such a nice tan in April … um, it’s just from being outside on the weekends … walking, walking, walking!

Sunday was to be my “rest” day since I did about 15 km on Saturday. Well – “rest” didn’t really happen!

I went shopping to Sephora (had a 15% discount) and also bought some new kicks from New Balance. And since the kicks needed to be broken in, I did a little walk.


I decided to walk along the Seawall and see how far it was to Siwash Rock (above). Well … from my front door, it’s 2.99 km one way! So my “little” walk turned into about 6 km LOL

Saturday marked my 30-days on Thrive … which means Sunday marked the start of my next round. But instead of my next “30 days”, I decided to do the next 4 weeks (28 days) … mainly because 4 weeks of products fit perfectly into this tray:

Ready to Thrive

Monday was good. My daily Thrive post included a selfie from November 2015 and one from April 2016. Now – I DO see a small difference, but more so I FEEL a huge difference!

Don't Give Up

My little sister, who is competing in her 2nd BC ABBA (British Columbia Amateur Body Building Association) fitness competition in June, tried a free 3-day trial of Thrive. And knowing that social media is such a driver, she very kindly sent me some pictures of her wearing her DFT!

I decided to include one of the pictures in Tuesday’s daily Thrive post. Along with some really great affirmations! #EpicShit

*oh and by the by, she placed 3rd in her very first competition last May … so I’m beyond excited to cheer her on in June*

Epic Shit

And of course I know you’re starting to kick yourself for not contacting me sooner for your very own free 3-day trial of Thrive … so just DO IT! shalygoson.le-vel.com


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