My Weekend …


Friday evening … beautiful sunset at English Bay.

Saturday was grey & cloudy. It was quite cool and breezy. I barely hit my 10K steps and did just over 7 km.

But … I did start working out!


I decided since there was 11 weeks until Vegas and 15 weeks until the Okanagan … and I finally have the energy to WANT to exercise … now was the perfect time to start!

I did a short upper body workout on Saturday … maybe 22 minutes. While it felt difficult, I wasn’t sore the next day which tells me I should push harder next time.


Sunday was beautiful! I did my lower body workout and it BURNED!!!

Then I had previously decided I wanted to go to Indigo (Canadian chain book store) to find a workout tracker and a stretching book. It’s about a 15 minute walk from home.

Well the stretching book came easy, but the workout trackers they had (fitbook) were not what I was looking for. They were far too detailed about everything relating to dieting & working out … food, calories, etc. Not what I wanted.

So I bought a open-dated, lined journal and made my own. It simply has 4 columns: exercise, sets, reps, weights.

I am really interested in seeing how my strength and fitness levels progress!

After Indigo, I walked to Costoc (not far … 15 minutes maybe) and picked up a roasted chicken and some granola-type bars.

Yesterday was the Vancouver Sun Run, so the transit schedule was screwed up with so many people needing to get around after their run.

I found a bus that could connect me with the bus that goes near my place, and sat on it for about 15 minutes. Then we left and drove maybe 15 minutes but didn’t get far … the route just wasn’t a good route. So I hopped off and ended up walking home with all my goods! It probably took me another 20 minutes to walk home from where I got off the bus, and it felt a little longer because of the heavy goods I was carrying.

But it just meant workout # 2 was done :o) I think I ended the day with just over 14k steps and just over 10 km walked.

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