Happy 4-20

Ok … I’m 4-20 friendly, but I don’t participate. It fucks with my heart rhythm so I avoid it.

Here was my morning #Thrive post:


I started it “Are you feeling trapped?” hahaha – this is a picture my sister posted of my niece, Whoops.


The weather has been BEAUTIFUL the past few days … tomorrow it’s supposed to change to a bit more wet.


And I’ve clearly been taking advantage of the nice weather! Absolutely killing it!!!

#Thrive baby!!!

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2 thoughts on “Happy 4-20

  1. emily phillips says:

    I’ve been reading through some of your posts about Thrive, and I was just wondering when you felt the full effects. I’m only on day two of my trial, but I was kind of expecting to be “bouncing off the walls”. Did you ever get that feeling or did you just notice a constant energy?

    • shalygoson says:

      Hi Emily! During my 3-day trial, I noticed more energy, but definitely not bouncing off the walls. I would say about 2 weeks into my first month, I absolutely has fully consistent daily energy – still not bouncing off the walls because Thrive has never caused me to have highs/lows, but fully consistent energy :o)

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