Cloudy with a Chance of …

This morning I had an appointment to take Baunzai to the vet … she’s started chewing, licking and scratching again. Mainly her tummy & inner legs. She has already been diagnosed as a “self-mutilator” LOL

Last time at the vet (January) she got a steroid shot to calm her down and cause the “itchiness” to subside. And it did! So much so that her tummy fur started to grow back!!!

The calmness lasted about 2 months … mid-March she started at it again. Unfortunately, the steroids can affect her liver, so they are not “recommended”, but she NEEDS them! I’ve had her on hypoallergenic food for at least 3 months but it hasn’t caused the “mutilating” to stop.

So I took her back in today and the vet agreed that she should get more steroids. He gave me the options of the shot (about $45 and lasts about 6-8 weeks) or pills (about $25 for 1-2 daily/every other day, for about 3 months). The money factor tells me pills. But EVERY DAY!? Oiy!!

So we opted for the shot AND pills LOL … the pills will only come into play once I notice the shot has worn off … likely just before I’m supposed to go to Vegas!

It’s ok – the cat sitter I’ve hired is the vet tech from my vet office – she’s great with the girls and I get a great vibe from her. So given her profession, I know she’ll be able to administer the pills if needed.


I decided to post this “controversial” picture on Thursday. It’s another of my “before” pictures. I look at this and cringe! Bleh! But I keep reminding myself it is BEFORE and also NEVER AGAIN! It will not happen over-night but I will get more fit!

The weather took a turn for the cloudy on Thursday, so the past couple of days have been quite slack. I have barely or not even made my step goal. I have the energy to get up and do shit, but some days you just want to veg.

Today is absolutely one of those days!


It’s cloudy. It’s been raining, on and off. I’ve cleaned a bit of the apartment. I’ve taken Baunz to the doc and home. I’ve had a guy come measure my 2 windows for screens. I’ve gone to get (some) groceries. And I’ve contacted Shaw to add HBO to my services for tomorrow’s season premier of Game of Thrones.

And since having the subscription to HBO now, I can check out other HBO shows On Demand. Currently I’m watching the first episode of Vinyl. It’s slow … I’m sure I’ll get into it. I believe Olivia Wilde is in this show and I really appreciate her as an actress.

I sent out another 3-day Mini Thrive Experience yesterday! That’s 4 now that I’ve sent out, and 1 of the first 3 decided to buy a month :o)

I am serious about this product line – it’s awesome! It really has curbed my cravings, reduced my appetite, increased my energy, and made me feel overall absolutely awesome!

I know I’ll get you to contact me soon enough for your very own free 3-day Mini Thrive Experience. Until then, I’ll be here … THRIVING!!!

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