No Sympathy, Please

This is my 9th tax season … of actually working in/with taxes.

This last week of April is almost always the busiest (for those American followers, Canada’s personal tax filing deadline is April 30).

Back in Penticton, we would have a Tax Party after work on the last day of tax season. In Vancouver, it’s the same! LOL

The difference this year and every few years, is that April 30 falls on a weekend, so the actual deadline is pushed to the first business day in May … May 2 in 2016. But instead of having the tax party on Monday night, it done on the Friday night.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this year’s tax party because I’m now working in an office of about 700 people, as opposed to an office of 12-15 people!

Well let me tell you … it was a great time.


PwC had reserved the whole of Lamplighter in Gastown for this function. We were given 2 drink tickets upon entry … 2 tickets … that’s it? Wow – I sound rude!

Well they kept coming around with more drink tickets! I think I ended up with 8 tickets … plus friends/coworkers gave me another 4-5 …

I was feeling good!

Then the shooters started! Oh boy … they did me in! I wasn’t so much drunk when I left, but for sure when I was at home!

My stomach was not kind to me when I tried to go to sleep … but that was taken care of and then I slept.


This is my post for the day … Last night I was “all in” but today I’m “all out” LOL! I am grateful for Thrive to fill in today’s nutritional gaps! I was not extremely hungry … but the food I ate wasn’t of the best nutritional value hehe!

On Thursday, my Le-Vel auto ship order arrived and I opted for the Black Label DFT for the next month! It’s said to be a completely different formula with greater mood enhancers!


I’ve still got 1 week left in my month, so this one is sitting to the side for a bit.

Well folks – that’s all for today and this week! Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful (today was too, but my couch had my name all over it!) so I am aiming to get out for some good steps. Going to return a stretch book and maybe get a different book … one by Shonda Rhimes.

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