#Flipflops #Sunshine

Oh man – my back has been KILLING me for the past … week, at least! When I walk to work or home … or ever, my lower right back/above my pelvic/hip bone aches absolutely insanely!

The chiro I saw in January was able to do small adjustments, but he was never able to actually fix it. And once I stopped seeing him, my back loosened up.

Until now again! I think I need to get him to do his small adjustments to hopefully relieve some of this ache!

Walking is becoming almost unbearable (unbareable?) and that’s not good because walking is my thing!

At the VegExpo last weekend, I had a “spinal analysis” and that chiro even said that my lower right back was “totally jammed up” which is what my chiro says too. I need to get in and see him ASAP!

So this morning I walked to Indigo Spirit (a smaller version of Indigo … a branch of Chapters/Indigo/Coles Canadian bookstore … to return a book I bought a couple of weeks back on stretching. It just wasn’t what I hoped it would be.

I decided I wouldn’t get a different book … but looked around anyways! I happened up the “self-help” section, I guess. It’s a section I have frequented many times in my life!

I saw the book by Shonda Rhimes that I had been pondering, but at $32.00 CAD for a small hardcover, it just wasn’t something I really wanted.

Then I saw “Pretty Happy” by Kate Hudson and it really spoke to me. The catch line on the cover is “healthy ways to love your body” and that’s exactly what my body consists of right now! And it was on sale for $25 instead of $33.50 … ok deal!

I kept browsing and came to the Travel section. My eyes dart towards the Las Vegas area because I (finally) booked my trip to Las Vegas on Friday … I’m going for 5 days in July! It’s my first time there and I’m going solo … so I’ll have the whole time to explore, see, and enjoy! Oh – and I’m going to Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood :o)

So I walk home and decide that I need to grab some stuff and find a nice spot at the beach. But first … I must shave my legs! Ahahaha

Shave done, towel grabbed, books in bag, water gathered and off I go! I found a nice grassy spot and laid my towel out. It was a glorious day – the sun was shining bright (yup – my upper back is a little tomato red)!


I was there for a couple of hours but my brain was going on “what will I buy for lunches this week?” so I stopped by Safeway and grabbed a couple of salads. I also got some chicken strips, and some fruit & veggies.

Once I got home, I chopped up a few items (cucumber, orange, lemon, ginger) and plopped them in some filtered water in the fridge. This water has been delicious! And apparently, if you add acid/citrus to your water, it makes it more easily absorbed inside your body – bonus!

Anyways – enough babbling for today! Thanks for reading & following … and if you have any advice or suggestions for Vegas – please leave a comment!!!

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