Day Off In May!?

Happy Friday! I decided on Monday that since the weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS today, that I wanted the day off! And voila … here I am at home, and not at work, on a Friday! Love it!!!

So what has your week been like? Mine has been ebbing and flowing. My mood was brought WAY down by a negative piss-poor attitude co-worker and it really affected me.

Monday was not too bad work-wise … and weather-wise, too! I have been trying to post a positive-attitude picture or collage each day and this was Monday’s:


So in an effort to rectify the situation, after work on Tuesday I stopped by Bath and Body Works to see if their 3-wick candles were on sale because I wanted a(nother) lilac candle. They were on for $15 instead of $22.50 … so I bought 4 new candles (yeah, it was still $60!)


Tuesday’s Positive Post was:


Yup – I include some humour in the posts LOL

Wednesday was good. Wednesday night was better. I saw a post on FB that Gwen Stefani was coming to Vancouver, so I popped on Ticketmaster to check out tickets.

I ended up getting a ticket to Gwen Stefani & Eve in August and a ticket to Keith Urban, Dallas Smith & Maren Morris in September! I am so stoked for the exciting experiences & memories coming my way this summer!!!


So not only are these coming up, but I have already been to Jamaica this year. Also, I’m going to Vegas in July to see Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood. I’m going to the Okanagan in August. I have tickets to CFL games in June, August, and November. WOOT WOOT!

Since the Gwen concert is a Thursday night, I booked off the Friday :o) It’s such a nice change to be able to request time off on the fly, as opposed to having to request the full year’s vacations at the beginning of the year (as at my previous job) … like seriously, who knows exactly when they want vacation for summer/fall in January!?


Yesterday’s picture was a collage of a couple of pictures I’ve posted (on Instagram & FB) before, along with a positive picture :o)

So now on to Friday … Day Off Friday!

I’ve spent the past hour and bit cleaning up the apartment. I still have quite a bit of cleaning to do as I’ve been uber lazy about it! It’s getting warm out already … it’s 15 degrees and is forecast to get up to 23. After cleaning up, I will plan out a lunch and head to the beach/park for a bit of sunworshipping!

Tomorrow I have my window screens being delivered, then I haven’t any plans … likely the lunch/park/beach thing again! Forecast tomorrow is 21 degrees.

Sunday is supposed to be “cold” at only 15 degrees, but mainly sunny. Not sure what Sunday will hold … it’s Mother’s Day (don’t forget)!


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